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Big doors, little doors, doors with teeth and eyes!

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Name:World of Doors
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Community description:musebox, roleplaying, freeform

Welcome to a World of Doors
There is a room comprised of nothing but doors. In the walls, on the ceiling, on the floor, and even free floating circling doors. All of them lead to someplace and nowhere at the same time, it all depends on what's on your mind really. If you don't really know where you want to go then the door leads to someplace in Cryptum where you might find something to pique your interest. Or perhaps lead you to a new friend or enemy that has never lived in your world before. Doesn't matter much because you can leave it all behind once you're done and head back home through yet another door.


Welcome to Cryptum, a sandboxy little musebox for people to come and play a few casual rounds of the roleplay game. Or test out some shiny cr that didn't get a chance to shine in another game. Whatever it is, so long as it follows the few rules, it's welcomed.
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